A distinct British form of football (soccar) played by unfit, hungover builders (and every other trade / profession you can think of) on wet sunday afternoons in local parks. Games are normally brutal affairs with multiple red cards, horrific injury and lifetime bans common occurances.
Your a sunday league referee? Your either brave, foolish or both.
by black flag June 05, 2004
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Irish or British (Most popularly in England). Is a non professional soccer/football for people not good enough for the real league, and as the name says, Is played on a Sunday, some places have it on Saturday.
Lad, did you see my performance in Sunday League,I should get scouted for (insert team name here)
by OliBoy January 29, 2020
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Amateur football typically played on Sunday mornings which consists of a low standard of pretty much everything including players, quality of football, referees, coaches and pitches.

Most sunday league games consist of players missing sitters, delivering obscenely bad tackles and being hungover from Saturday night all whilst playing on a pitch that is soaked in rain and mud. The tactical genius of the managers extends to unique phrases such as "man on" and "pass and move".

All in all an enjoyable pastime despite all of the broken legs.
I had to go to the hospital after some maniac broke both of my legs in a sunday league game.
by FF29 September 14, 2020
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