When you get drunk on Saturday night and wake up late Sunday morning so you go get some good ass breakfast food and drink mimosas to get over your hangover
Adrian: *wakes up Sunday morning* fuuuuuuck I shouldn't have drank so much last night I'm so hungover.

Sierra: Wanna go get Sunday brunch?

Adrian: Yas.
by Orangecartoons5 November 30, 2015
When you inadvertently and/or hilariously offer oral (or bestiality, or the like) to your best friend via text, because, thanks to the crowdsourcing of language on UD, everything is a sexual euphemism now.
Me: Hey girl! :) Do you want to come over for Sunday brunch?

Julie: Whaa? You DO know what that means, don't you? You'd better check Urban Dictionary before you invite anyone to brunch again. LMFAO.

Julie: But yes, I'm free for brunch.
by Tuesday Supper January 15, 2016
Used to relieve tension and/or used as comedy. One of the funniest things you can say as it's the peak of comedy.
rachael (mcadams): And then I told my dog that I'll never speak to him again
Kalani (hilker): Sunday Brunch!
rachael (mcadams):hahahah
by ticklemytets March 20, 2022
An act occurring during oral sex when one partner eats the other partner's asshole out while the partner receiving oral sex drops a deuce (shits) in the ass licker's mouth, usually in a surprising manner.
The one thing bad about my girlfriend is her strange fetish for performing oral sex on my rectum. So to catch her off guard, I gave her a fat Mr. Jones's Sunday Brunch.
by funnywordsgivemeboners1 January 5, 2011