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A word invented by the Toronto District School Board. Commonly used to describe an end of the year assignment, project or in class test. Nobody is sure why this word exists.
Yo man why are you so sad?

Because I have a 2 day chemistry summative

Don't you have an exam?

Yea. . . Why
by Mortimer Bennito August 20, 2006
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A universally feared report on a subject, often issued by Dr. Victory. Those who are assigned them often state emphatically they will start the weekend after being assigned it, though do not start until the weekend before. It is advised that one fills it with as much visual, textual, and quantitative data as possible, in the form of short, declarative sentences, with the purpose of causing >9000 victorgasms.
We were given about three weeks to do our final summative, but almost no one started until the week before. *D'OH*
by iluvatar112255 December 12, 2009
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