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Sumerism is idea of elite using a good story to fleece others. It started with Sumer cradle of civilization. Using a good story about religion,hero etc. to unite,control, and fleece others as a system of empire. It is structure of organizations such as religion, empire, sports, etc.
Powerful brainwashing stories that create team spirit and nationalism.

Greedy elite try to have more then their fair share by brainwashing or making loophole in law or have people want to spend more on unnecessary things or expensive luxury thing.
Example, priest lives in luxury while taking money from poor.
Law so unfair loophole that someone can accumulate billions in unrealized gain or tax sheltered that they pay hardly even 1% in tax.
Sumerism is root of all evil.
Evil connected elites believe in sumerism is fine and try to do everything to take money away from others.
by respect one December 11, 2013
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