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A person with a soul in music and who is outragesly hot, plays guitar and is a wild crazy person that if you were to stick that person near electricity he would shock it so bad that there would no longer be thunder in the sky! that is why we dont name any of our kids that name!
Holy crap man that person sounds like a real sulman.

Dood you keep playin that thing youll sound like a sulman.

Hey, keep sulman away from the electricity!
by asfdfgdafgadf February 01, 2009
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A strapping young man with outrages talent for the arts. If you meet a Sulman don’t let him go. He may seem hot and cool on the outside but is a kind and gentle person on the inside. They are also great in bed ;)
Man, I wish I was as handsome as Sulman.
by SkyBell18 June 25, 2018
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