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An ancient Persian game combining elements of checkers and chess.

Uses board of checkers/chess and checkers pieces.

Set-up is like checkers, except each player sets up pieces on opposite-colored spaces.

Regular moves are made diagonally like in regular checkers.

Capturing is done by moving one's piece in a straight line two spaces in which there is an opponent's piece in the space between. Pieces that are not queens or kings can only capture by moving forward.

A piece that reaches the opposite end does not become a king. It becomes a queen, and it can move diagnolly (without capturing) a single space in any direction, and it can capture by moving either forward or laterally.

A queen that returns to the player's own end safely becomes a king. A king can move diagnolly any number of spaces in a single direction on a single move (without capturing), and can capture by moving in any direction.

All types of pieces may capture multiple opponent's pieces on a single move if possible given their abilities described above.

Winner is last player with a legal move.
Sukkah has no relationship to the Hebrew word suka, also sometimes spelled sukkah, which refers to a hut built on the holiday of sukkot.
by Bed time March 22, 2010
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