A Suhaani Is the best friend anyone could ask for.But watch out because she might look cute but she is fierce on the inside!
Bily-On wow that girl is hot
John-yah she is out of your league she is a Suhaani
Bill- That sucks
by The best Mia November 10, 2017
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She is a beauty that no one can ignore. Wherever she walks, she turns heads and every guy has had at least a 3-day crush on her. She may be very hyper, but she has the best jokes and can make everyone laugh. She is a huge foodie, and she loves to share! Her friend group is huge, but her rebellious nature is a secret known only to a few. She is very intelligent but she is a big procrastinator!

Once you find a Suhaani, she is sure to make your life much better. She loves making others happy but make sure to check in on her too! Suhaani’s only downsides include inability to keep secrets, incredible curiosity and being late everywhere

When you find a Suhaani, don’t play her and don’t break her heart, because the moment you do, you will lose the best thing you ever had.
Harry: Did you go to Suhaani’s party last night? It was sick!
Josh: IKR! she looked so cute dude
Harry: Back off! she mine! plus she’s not only hot, she’s also funny and she plays the best music
Josh: Oh yeah? fight me! she’s mine ONLY

*suhaani watches their fight while eating popcorn*
by Caffeinataed November 24, 2021
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She is innocent looking girl

Average student

Has a Crush
But already broke a heart.....
She is also referred as DOGGY
There is a suhaani on the road
by The mysterio January 7, 2022
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