A Sudanese immigrant! Particularly one who lives in Australia who commits petty crime and doesn't have a job!
"Did you see that sudo stealing from Woolworths"
"Those sudos are real problem perhaps we should send them back to sudo land"
by User666999 February 2, 2019
Racist slang for Sundanese people. Popular with alt-right in Australia.
Australian bogan: "I heard someone say "Sudos are welcome, so I king punched him"
by Kingdragonfly January 6, 2019
One who complains endlessly, possibly in frustration of only having one testicle
Man that faggot is Sudoing about priests again
by idk January 21, 2005
An intricate Japanese puzzle that involves a series of numbers, and a vagina
Really!...Urbandictionary. You let me submit Sudo-Cunt?
by mrtinyjam April 18, 2010
The wrong way to spell Psuedo Neep which is the wrong way to spell Pseudo Neep.
This isn't linux, it's not sudo neep it's pseudo neep!
by ACBob July 6, 2019
The level of drunkeness just above Rugby-League-drunk and immediately below Joseph-Fritzl-drunk.
A level of alcoholism that instills in an individual the will to cause reckless damage to nearby people and artefacts while maintaining an immense level of arrogance.
Shit, Ernie just shat in a corridor and groped my teenage sister he's absolutely sudo-drunk.
by SickTitties September 8, 2010
Sudo-intellects are people who believe their intelligence and understanding of things is supreme. Be cautious of debating with these people, they will often ignore your logic or simply turn a blind eye to it. Be careful that you are not one. Keep an open mind, for the world is purpose of perspective.
Religion inspires sudo-intellects, but so do lots of things.

Someone who does not consider they are wrong or someone else is right or at least something in between is a sudo-intellect.
by krazdapple March 14, 2010