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aka sucker punch

1) to completely unexpectedly hit someone
2) to blindside punch
When that cheap shot taking, milk drinking marmalade exerts a sucka punch it's likely to cold cock a sucka or two
by xpurexhxc January 14, 2007
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To contact one of the forbidden parts of te body with ones fists.
Eg. Balls, Grundle, Butt.
Damn the foo just suckapunched me right in the grundle, lets whoop his ass.
by Fingertips April 28, 2005
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During anal intercourse you punch your partner in the kidney, forcing them to pucker their anus. You then pull out while the anus is puckered and tight, cleaning the shit of your dick.
Hans sucka puched Sven just before he pulled out.
by stick February 18, 2005
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