a word meaning "cool", "tight", or "awesome". Most commonly used alone rather than in a contextual sentence.
Bishop - "Dude, we are going to the Tipsy later, you coming?"
DJ - "Hell yeah man, I'll bring the handle!"
Bishop - "Styll. See you there man, text me."
by The Cyan Dart March 4, 2009
leng styll is another word to define a fine female, jovan loves a leng styll.
"rahh she a leng styll yano, wouldn't mind pumping that." said bouley.
by Dunstt June 18, 2021
When something seems odd or bookey or just isn’t nice
It’s been three days and he hasn’t text back.. must be dusty styll
by perfectionistjay July 4, 2019
To buy/acquire an item with one’s personal finances, dinero, moolah, guap, Ps
Brudda dat Doner Kebab is lookin heavy, i think you should cop that styll (CTS)
by UncleRaj November 23, 2021
meaning u hate schoolthough
person one: u get good grades so that must mean u love school

person two: nah mon i hate school styll
by fawaaaad November 17, 2017
When a boy or a girl gets just that extra bit too gassed over something
"Yooo that was clean as fuck did you see that".

"Calm down your not leng styll".
by Geyfj September 12, 2020