A dysfunctional person or thing that exemplifies a complete lack of intelligence and worth
My car is a stupid piece of shit.
My ex-wife is such a stupid piece of shit.
by Friday Nite Delite November 8, 2013
When someone like a Zenash does some stupid fucker guy shit.
“Yo you like my wall Zenash? I think it looks dope as fuck

Zenash: “ nah, it looks like white trash
Zenash is a stupid piece of shit
by @yemi September 7, 2019
A stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work that you just wasted your time, money and effort on.

Physical Examples include:
-Basically every electronic known to man
"God damnit this stupid piece of shit doesn't even fucking work!"
"Why the fuck is this shit not working?!"
"Stupid piece of shit!"
"Doesn't even fucking work..."
"Stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work!"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten July 4, 2020
A mechanic's way of saying "I'm having trouble working on this car."
"Dan, how's the transmission on my BMW coming along?"
"Got Damn Stupid Mother Fucking Piece of Shit Lemon What Fuckin Kraut Designed This Shitbox"
by DeepFriedPedos December 8, 2020