Any latin person that works at a fast food restaurant, who has very poor english and a horrible greeting that sounds like a hybrid between a mumble, spanish, and english, AND tries to rip you off by adding random things to your order. They will resort to anything from giving a you a dollar less in change, to a dime less. They use excessive amounts of ice in your drink in order to fill up more space in the cup so that less pop will be poured in, thus saving money. When they mess up your order because of their poor english, they deny being wrong, and instead blame the customer for not mentioning the item. They still get hired due to their high efficiency and hard work, and acceptance of the lowest of minimum wages. White people would not survive a day working in stupid mexicans position.
A random guy pulls up to a fast food drive through.

Speaker: "hiya-howa-cana-hel-yooo?"

Random Guy: "WTF did u say?"

Speaker: repeats mumbled sounds

Random Guy: "ummm ok, i'm just gonna order, I'll take a number 5 combo, MEDIUM"

Speaker: "whata-yooo-to-dreenyk?"

Random Guy: (assuming he's been asked what kind of drink he will have) "I'll have a coke with lite ice"

Speaker: "hoekay-faiv-dolla-aaah-nest-winduow"

Random Guy: (pulls up, hands $50 dollar bill)

Stupid Mexican: (accepts the bill suspiciously, shouting spanish words to the manager to open the high security safe to deposit the large banknote)
(hands Random Guy the money, along with food)

Random Guy: having gotten ripped off before by stupid mexican, checks the change and sees that he has only recieved 44 dollars back, and shakes his LARGE coke cup which rattles from a cup overfilled with ice.
complains to stupid mexican

Stupid Mexican: acts like he/she is sorry and hands Random Guy a dollar bill (it is difficult to let go)

Random Guy: pissed off about wrong change and the cup full of ice speeds off while saying "stupid mexican"
comes back the next day, cannot resist fast food
by surge444 April 09, 2008
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Stupid Mexicans Synonym for Mexican. Also "Pepper-Bellies" "Jose'", "Dumbshit", "Speedy Gonzales", "Taco", "homie", "Gang-Banger", "Vato", "Cholo", "OG Beaner", "Thief", "Sand Nigger", "taco-Nigger", "limp dick".
The Stupid Mexicans should go back (to whence they came- Mexico).
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