the act of becoming dumber through being hit with a stupid stick
you dumb ass, were hit over the head with a stupid stick or something.
by menacer December 18, 2010
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Paraphernalia used to smoke weed. Specifically a one hitter, blunt, doobie, bowl, or pipe.

Weed can also be referred to as "stupid"
Lets hit the Stupid Stick.

Fill up that bowl and lets hit the Stupid Stick.

Who wants to hit the Stupid Stick?
by HerkyHawkeyes November 7, 2013
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Used to describe some one's "poor" behavior, unsafe behavior or a person's inability to practice proper social skills.
I could not believe how you handled that situation! You must have been "hit by a stupid stick" this morning.
by Jakatola July 20, 2009
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