Someone who is damn ignorant and deserves a beat down. Often used on the ice in hockey in the heat of battle.
"Nice fucking slash you stunned cunt! Try that again and I'll beat the living piss out of you!"
by squirrelly May 9, 2003
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-A stubborn woman
-A woman that cannot be reasoned with
-A person who is a complete idiot
Carmen, you stun-cunt, let me talk to my boy!
by HeeWho April 19, 2013
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Although she is 69 years old, she still is a stunning cunt.
by xXMantisTobboganXx March 30, 2017
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Derived from the Scarling. song "H/C." Explicitly a description of Marilyn Manson. As such, the insult can act as a direct cut/insult on masculinty or gender roles in general. In abstraction, acts as an inversion of the traditional insult, utilized to attack males OR as a modification of said insult, brought for shock value and/or castration of the initial insult's efficacy. It can also act as an explicative.
Female: "Him? Don't bother, he's a total Gold Plated Stunning Cunt"
Male: "Cunt."
Female, in response: "That's Gold Plated Stunning Cunt, to you"
by Will A September 11, 2005
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