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A phrase which refers to the ability of a song to seed or otherwise compel sociopathic behavior in an individual, through that individuals unique comprehension of the song's deeper and specific meaning.
The name is derivied from Charles Manson, whose apocalyptic cult-based racial serial killing was self proclaimed a result of the biblical message communicated through The Beetles' "Revolution 9."
Brain Warner, whose psuedonym is dervived from Charles Manson, claims a deep interest in the case; interestingly enough, Warner's own music-in conjunction with that of Jessicka Fodera's Jack Off Jill-was blasted as an inspiration for the Columbine Killings on April 10th, 1999. If true, this would indicate that the Manson effect is transitive, although the underlying motives for the sociopathic behavior are not.
The press highlighted the musical preferences of the serial killer, hinting at a possible Manson effect.
by Will A October 1, 2005
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Derived from the Scarling. song "H/C." Explicitly a description of Marilyn Manson. As such, the insult can act as a direct cut/insult on masculinty or gender roles in general. In abstraction, acts as an inversion of the traditional insult, utilized to attack males OR as a modification of said insult, brought for shock value and/or castration of the initial insult's efficacy. It can also act as an explicative.
Female: "Him? Don't bother, he's a total Gold Plated Stunning Cunt"
Male: "Cunt."
Female, in response: "That's Gold Plated Stunning Cunt, to you"
by Will A September 11, 2005
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