Suh-Suh-Suh-Someone who studders
Why you studdering?, "suh-suh-suhs sup mm-mm-mman!, watchu d-d-d-oing?"
by Hektor Rodriguez September 24, 2007
A group of girls on a hormone high searching for some studders (studs or hot guys).
Hormone high girl #1: What are you doing tonight?
Hormone high girl #2: Studdering, want to come?
by Thaswassup. November 14, 2010
The act of stammering as a result of being suddenly confronted with unexpected information.
"Man, Bill was really surprised by that news."

"Yeah, I never saw anyone fire a studder gun like that before."
by R.W.M. August 21, 2009
a lyrical studder is when an artist includes a studder in they're lyrics.
an example of a lyrical studder is: ludacris your fantasy "i wanna li li licik you from your head to your toes"
by ice_roberts December 9, 2010
Wen you stomp the ground 3 times and winmill ur leg and right after u say roadhouse
He did a triple studder step roadhouse right outta nowhere
by hefe housein September 9, 2017