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Meaning stupid cubed. If you are trying to explain someone or something that is really stupid and saying stupid just doesn't justify it, try using stube.
"Dumb and Dumber" was a great movie, but the person that decided to make "Dumber and Dumberer, When Harry Met Lloyd" was a real stube.
by Gary Corriston December 22, 2006
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Noun or verb. One who passively trolls to recieve annonymous anal sex, primarily a male homosexual term. To engage in such behavior. (syn.n~stuber, syn.v~stubing)
Blindfolded and buns-up, that stube spent most of his weekends on the stube at the Roman Steam gentleman's club, ignoring the vigorous yet plaintive stubing of the other stubers.
by Link Plauswelle (MKR) December 30, 2005
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German slang for a small and uncomfortable room, having the meaning of a barrel.
Mann, diese Zimmer ist ein Stube
by Sexxybiest December 29, 2016
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