A male, usually found at an establishment where alcohol is served and socialization is encouraged (i.e. bars and clubs) who dons not only a vertically striped dress shirt, but also over-gelled hair, retarded, a multitude of identically accessorized friends, and a glass of Diet Red Bull and overpriced vodka.

Any of all of the following attributes may also apply:

1. Has an entry-level job at a bank or in middle management, but tries to act like he's got money in the bank.

2. Usually has a dismal view of women, either referring to them as "bitches" when women inevitably reject their pathetic advances, or as "sluts" when women actually accept an invitation to come over for "after hours"

3. Actually uses the word, "brah" to refer to other friends.

4. Constantly applies derrogatory, homophobic terms and situations to other associates. For example, "Dude, stop sucking Dave's dick, you fag! You both are full of shit!"

5. Will have slept with "the ugly, fat one" not out of altruism as a wingman, but desperation.

6. Grown-up frat boy in his mid to late-twenties

Was first refereced in www.thephatphree.com in the popular article, "Look at My Striped Shirt! Fucking Look at it!"
Bartender: "Last call!"

Cocktailer No.1: "Check out two two striped shirts over by the door, trying to hit on those chubby girls"

Cocktailer No.2: "Ugh, how sad...They're striking out."
by Victorius L.I.U. April 10, 2007
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A male, usually affluent who dons a striped shirt in a club. A Striped Shirt normally wear sunglasses at night,a crappy gold chain, a blowout hair cut, carries a buisnes card which normally says Producer, Vice President, or all around Douche Bag. They are extremely prone to cock-blocking, lame come ons, and ambiguous references to their socioeconomic status. Steriods and fake tans are essential in their repitoire.
Look at that Striped Shirt with his mojhito, what a douche.
by Fun Monster March 3, 2008
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The idea, proven by research, that a girls tits look larger when they wear a shirt with horizontal stripes on it.
Matt: Dude her titties are looking huge today.
Logan: Yeah shes wearing a stripe shirt too.
Matt: Its the stripe shirt theory again man!
by latinmaster December 12, 2011
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~Somebody who vocally stands up for members of the LGBTQ+ community when in extremely large groups where it would be easier to just let the moment silently pass unchallenged.

This phrase came about when a BYU student (wearing a striped shirt) spoke up in a religion lecture. The prof was going on about how the world is transgressing the laws of marriage. homegirl raises her hand “well what about Eve? She had to choose between two commandments in order to keep the one of them—what if that’s true for others?” & prof tries to sidestep like “oh yeah I’m sure—like Nephi &—“ BUT SHES LIKE “No, I mean like the LGBTQ community-“ but prof interrupts her to say that people who “struggle with same-sex attraction have a difficult situation” but homegirl straight up LAUGHS! so he says “& I do say struggle, because it is a struggle” & goes on to say how much he “respects those who still keep the law of chastity” Homegirl is not having it. She interrupts him back & says that she believes the LGBTQ community could be like Eve & how they’re supposed to know which commandment they’re supposed to keep (marriage or chastity)

There is an interruption from a male student who is attempting to tell her ‘this is not the place for this’ & she should leave. Prof then gives the typical “we don’t have all the answers” bit, to which homegirl is like ”EXACTLY so we can’t tell them how to live & we’re supposed to love one another” & IMMEDIATELY after that the bell rang & everybody got the hell out of there
Person 1: did you see that video where the Tennessee county official was making homophobic comments?

Person 2: oh the one where Commissioner Warren Hurst said "We got a queer running for president, if that ain't about as ugly as you can get.”

1: yeah, and then that lady that stood up after his comments and yelled that was bullshit and then left

2: yeah, That woman had MAJOR striped shirt girl energy <3
by Tensaikun October 23, 2019
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