a person who rolls tha streets talken shit and looken for trouble but if they got in a real fite they would get there ass kicked cuz they aint nuthen but a bitch
street bitch:hey fag
thug:what u say street bitch
street bitch:(runs)
by derrick November 7, 2004
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A woman (either homeless or a drug addict) that randomly takes crap from a man (either homeless or a drug addict) that is neither her husband or boyfriend. Just a sad fact of circumstance.
I say this street bitch just get cussed out by a guy for walking too slow behind him.
by broadbandito April 24, 2010
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"The Street Bitches of America Association (SBAA) are for those who are properly endowed with "whore" and effectively work their corner. You're bringing in the greenbacks, making it rain more than the Flood.

As an active member, you will be expected to maintain the high standards of the "hoe" as well as recruit possible members. But most importantly, enjoy being some of the baddest street bitches there are."

Rules and Regulations:
Members are to adhere to these rules or suffer not only the loss of your place in the club, but of your corner and a rank as a fellow prostiute.

Fuck bitches, get money
Don't accept anything less than a dollar bill.

Keep not only the club, but your actions hush-hush. Cops be trolling.
Don't spread STIs without the person's consent.
Oooh gurl you have enough hoe in you to be a honorary member of the Street bitches of America.
by SBAA Co-Founder :D November 13, 2011
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a group of 13 girls ranging between 13-17 years of age. formed in august 2012 on twitter, they are known for constantly starting twitter fights, or "beef". though they come off as hostile, they're fiercely loyal to each other and others outside of the group. they are very exclusive, so just asking to join their group comes off as naive and a tad idiotic. all in all, they are either very respected or very looked down upon, but they still continue doing their own
"Bro, did you see that beef on twitter last night? So many people got blocked!"
"Dang, I missed it! I was too busy watching Bates Motel! Who was involved?"
"The Backer Street Bitches, it got hecka intense!"
"Typical, right? Haha!"
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a twitter group known for their bitchy tweets and is abbreviated as bsb. The group started in the summer of 2012 after a member made a type for "baker street", and continues to today. commonly obsessed with one direction, bbc dramas, and supernatural, this group will not allow others to join. Although some aspects of the group may seem fun, this is not a group to get involved with. the group fights occasionally but supports each other. they are gutsy and rude.
"hey who are those people talking about fanfic?"
"oh just some backer street bitches"
by okay so i needed a pseudonym January 21, 2013
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