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(n) the opposite of flipping the bird, literally and connotatively.

often used to retract an accidental 'up yours'
I felt bad after I told him to go to hell, so I gave him a strealat.
by leatharegee1 July 14, 2006
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The Gesture: A proper strealat occurs when the hand is turned facing away from the body towards the recipient of the strealat, the middle finger is touching the palm, and the rest of the fingers are held straight out. Saying 'strealat!' while the gesture is enacted is optional, but has been known to increase the potency of a strealat tenfold.

1. Using a specific hand gesture to tell someone something along the lines of 'dont go fuck yourself'
2. The retraction of an accidental flipping of the bird.
3. the hand gesture used to mean the opposite of flipping the bird.
4. when used properly, an insult to someone's physical appearance.
5. used as a response to being flipped off, meaning 'I appreciate the offer, but I will not go fuck myself.'

(strealat, strealated, strealats, strealating)
PERSON #1: Hey man, you suck!
PERSON #2: You're mean! ::flips the bird::
PERSON #1: Aww, I'm sorry.
PERSON #2: Thanks. ::strealat::
by leatharegee July 13, 2006
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