putting a 12'6" truck under a 10'6" bridge. Common in Boston MA. Storrowing Season is usually during late August and Early Sept when College kids that cannot read attempt to navigate their way through the Corn maze roadways of Bahstahn. ( Boston) The rest of the year " Storrowing" occurs by Canadian Commercial Drivers.Je me souviens. DOH!!!
Court spotted a freshly Storrowed truck on the ramp to the Fenway from the outbound side this morning.

The company in question, FriendBox, makes boxes, so that's one boxed-in box box truck. They're based in Danvers, so you'd think they'd have heard about those quaint Storrow Drive height restrictions.
by mindcrime11 October 7, 2013
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To drive a truck along some distance of Storrow Drive in Boston, MA, only to have it come to a complete halt underneath one of the many low-clearance bridges.
Only two weeks from September 1st and already a truck's storrowed in the middle lane.
by Helixer August 22, 2017
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to borrow something intending to not return it or to borrow something and decide to keep it.
we can easily get those items, i can storrow them off a friend.
by dr.freedom December 4, 2010
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To get your cock or nose stuck between squeezed ass cheeks on your way to perform consensual anal penetration or rim job.
My nose totally got storrowed in her ass cheeks as I was trying to pleasure her beautiful, savory starfish.
by bussyslurperanonymous July 15, 2023
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When your cock or nose gets stuck between pressed butt cheeks while performing consensual anal sex or a rim job on someone's beautiful, savory starfish.
I totally got storrowed while munching that guy's beautiful bussy.
by bussyslurperanonymous July 15, 2023
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