Hey RobPro, stoofoo you newb.
by mattu October 14, 2003
used one when is telling someone to shut up.
dude stoofoo!
by RiNgMaStEr January 25, 2003
how one would pronounce stfu which is short for shut the fuck up. Only teh 1337 people are allowed to say stoofoo.
anytime froz3n00 talks, tell him to stoofoo, or maybe stoofoo newb.
by brds October 14, 2003
Another way of shut the f*ck up to someone. Usually used in MMO'a dn FPS online games.
Player 1 - I just lost cause my internet is lagging...
Player 2 - Stoofoo noob you got pwned, no excuses
by Ticondreous September 7, 2005
1. The acronym for Shut the fuck up mixed with a bit of intense drunken slang that makes the sound STOOFOO
Stoofoo bitch!
by Dylan L H January 19, 2009