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A metaphysical ability to sense or seek out those who are holding. Somewhat like the stoner version of gaydar.
My stonar was in the red while in line to buy Willie Nelson concert tickets.
by Sean M. Lennon February 28, 2006
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The ability or sense of being able to spot stoners. Like the word gaydar.
This new cop's got stonar...
by Ace May 07, 2004
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n. A sixth sense. The feeling a weed smoker gets about a person they meet that makes them feel that they most likely smoke too.
When she whipped out a doob I said "I KNEW you smoked weed! My stonar went of the second I met you."
by boilsucker January 28, 2010
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1. When a stoner can tell that another person is a stoner without knowing anything about the other person.
2. When one has a sixth sense that pot is being smoked in the area
1. I can tell he/she is a stoner because they are setting of my stonar.

2. My stonar is going off, someone around here is smoking weed.
by John L Northrup March 28, 2010
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