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The torture chamber tool that teachers use to confine their students into watching in boredom as blocks take 5 minutes to arrange themselves and liquid pours as slow as if gravity has been turned off. Stmath is a computer game where you have to move blocks and such to get the penguin (Jiji) across the screen. To do that, you answer math questions. Who in their right minds associates a cute fluffy penguin with math?! To make matters worse, once you 100% complete the game, and you think that you're done, you have to do it all over again in challenge mode. Liars, they said you were 100% done! The levels are shaped like traffic cones, (again, seriously?!) and when Jiji the penguin moves across the screen, if theirs a 1 mm puddle of liquid or a square cm block, he cant jump over it. Does he have waddling problems? The so called "game" moves way too slow, when you click an answer it has to go through a whole 5 minute long process of moving blocks before it actually tells you if the answer is right or wrong. All together, stmath is a trap to make your mind just about blow up.
Teacher- "Time for stmath, kids!"
Kids- " We did it yesterday for 2 hours, though!"
Teacher- '"Well you're doing it again! Oh, and did I mention you have 10 hours of homework?"
by stmath April 22, 2016
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