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City in central Scotland, has a lot of history to it. Too many neds, etc but it's not that bad a place really.
I live in Stirling, it's so much nicer than Falkirk
by spankmyass December 30, 2003
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Usually ฮฑ very hot male that all girls only wish to bang. He is always getting the hottest girls nothing less, Mainly brunettes. But when he falls in love he is ฮฑ keeper and should not let him go.
"Ah look at stirling i wish i could get in his pants. - same he is so hot "
by revolixel October 11, 2011
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An amazing place north of Belleville Ontario. Great small town with amazing people. Where people eat at Jim's, skate or fish from the Mill Pond, watch the tractor parade, enjoy the Stirling Festival Theatre, and look forward to the Stirling Fair every August. Halfway between Toronto and Montreal this is a unique town with old time charm and good country values. Though the fun loving teens do enjoy a spliff or two on the covered bridge. Where the Angry Beaver is the place to be and Macs is open 24/7, Stirling is the place to be. With the smallest police force in Canada for a town its size, who wouldnt want to visit?
Wanna go to Stirling tonight?" "Yeah I hear theres a sick field party going on.
by Stirlingman February 02, 2011
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A brown haired boy that is good at halo has European background and all girls want to be fucked by.
Did you see stirling he is so hot?
by uanoob May 22, 2008
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1) Someone who is INSANELY gorgeous and sexy and hot who practically needs to lock him or herself in his or her house to be safe from ll the admirers.
2) Someone who is anal about eating right.
Often the word is used for both definitions at the same time because healthy people are attractive and if they weren't skinny enough to run they would be mauled to death by fans.
OMG, LOOK AT THAT STIRLING!!! I love the way she bites her organic carrot. I could watch her eat carrots all day.
by dkgfkesnglef November 03, 2011
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