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A child who possesses no apparent qualities or skills. One who is not good at anything.
ROFL Sir, did you see sheep try and awp that guy? That was so stipo.
by ^_^ November 01, 2004
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Latin for stupid. A useless or seemingly retarded person possesing the ability to be extremely annoying. Often refered to as being a "complete retard".
Wow did you here that person accuse draconus of hacking? Hes so stipo.
by Mr.Plow November 04, 2004
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Stipo was born in the jungle side of Yugoslavia. Afterwards he was raised by family of cows who adopted him; this explains his strange behavior when communicating. Stipo was brought to the Canadas by a UFO. His real parents are unknown due to the fact that no one on earth is able to be as retarded as he is; it is believed that he could be a new branch of humans called the Homo-Faggitus.
Stipo likes watching old nude men as they tell their stories about World War II.
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