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a super admirable, intelligent, annoying, cheap, stingy, lazy smelly, cute taiwanese foreigner

slave of alice lin
alice: hey stinky tofu!!
beck: yes master T^T
alice: rabu rabu?
beck: yes yes rabu rabu!!! S2uS2
alice: good slave
by mrslin May 15, 2010
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This is just one more slang term for fecal matter. This can be used to insult someone or just to be yelled out in the most conspicuious of times.
"Ever since my girlfriend broke up with me, I've felt like a big pile of Stinky tofu."
"I've got to make some stinky tofu after eating that hot pastrami sandwitch."
by chang-a-lang February 07, 2006
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Stinky tofu is a biological weapon developed in China, but now primarily used by Taiwan. It is considered a weapon of mass destruction and its use is banned by the Geneva Convention. Saddam Hussein was accused of having this. Oh, you silly Saddam.
I smell feet!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Stinky tofu
by kodiac1 July 03, 2006
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