Shut your mouth or silence to supress ones loadness to be quiet with a quickness
I told that broad to stifle it.
by Karloskie ar February 5, 2016
A person who, at a party, stifles fun.
Stop being a Stifle McFunningston, Patty, just because your house is on fire.
by Deet Johnson June 9, 2006
Yo! Why you calling my girl!

Stifle yourself bro, she my cousin!

Yo! My bad!
by Damgames June 2, 2018
a divorced person who uses their divorce as an excuse to stay stagnant in life. Blames a divorce on all their unhappiness and miss-fortune.

to suppress, or have difficulty from moving beyond a divorce.
My mom is divorce-stifled and has not seemed happy for the last 25 years.
by Kate Jimenez November 15, 2011
Stifle-vote Democrats are Democrats who lie and manipulate voter polls. They say they have already won the election beforehand so voters seeking their opponent's victory will either give up and not vote at all, or cast their vote in their favor. Either way, they get your vote - Random Prophet #RandomProphet
A Stifle-vote Democrat will lie to you to get your vote.
by Johnny / -the Random Prophet November 7, 2018