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A non attractive woman(grenade) who you try to avoid in the sober light of day, but when you are highly intoxicated you make the mistake of hitting on/smashing, she then proceeds to become a "stage 5 clinger" and enters into a stalkerish behavioral pattern. Thus earning the name Sticky Grenade- A clingy grenade
B'moreo's-hahah how 'bout those grenades last night
Me-bro you got a "sticky grenade"

Me-yeah man shes been facebook chating me all morning asking me everything about you...
Bmoreo's-as long as she doesn't get my social security number
Me-Bro she's a "sticky grenade" you know she will...
by darecountysfinest252 October 25, 2010
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The act of ejaculating on ones own nether-regions (testicular area is preferable, but this can also work with the penis... i guess) after oral sex, and then slapping them on the side of your partner's face. Hold them there for as long as possible while going beep... beep... beep... If you manage to hold them there for 5 beeps you are required to boast to all of your close guy friends about your great achievement, as your man-score now has 100 more points. Also, You do not buy any alcohol for the next week, its on your buddy's tab. However, if it does not last 5 Beeps, it is an automatic dignity suicide, losing you 500 man points and rejection from civilization. A risky but potentially epic maneuver.
Man 1: Last Night i finished up with Bevelyn, And i decided to go for the Sticky Grenade. Held it there for the full 5.
Man 2: You Da Boss!
Man 1: Fuck Yeh.
(Macho Bear Hug/Sticky Grenade High Five)

Man 3: Dude, I Went for the sticky Grenade last night with that fit girl in the pink low cut tee...
Man 4: You Hit it Yeh?
Man 3: Well i got to 4...
Man 4: Sorry who are you?
by impregnated camel May 16, 2010
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When you glue your penis to a girl's face, then you jack off until you cum all over her face. All the while, you make a beeping noise.
"Hey man, I heard you gave her a sticky grenade last night."
"Yeah, man, that shit was tight!"
"How'd you get it off?"
"Hot water man, hot water."
by Johnny Jacks Alot November 14, 2009
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A M.U.F.F. that just won't leave you alone after she's been obviously used just as a slump buster.
Oh my god, get it off get it off get it...ayieeeeeeeeeeeee

Wes - Damn you woman, the coach no longer benches me, now let me put down my axe!
by Kyizen February 15, 2004
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This version is different from a typical grenade in the fact that this girl obsesses and "sticks" to one guy. When a sticky grenade sticks to you, it makes it impossible to get with any of the hotties in her group of friends. If you try to get it in with any of the sticky grenades friends, you will get shut down immediately, otherwise the grenade will explode, thus ending any chances you have with any friends the sticky grenade has.
Guy A: Are you going to get on with Sarah?

Guy B: I can't , I got stuck by a sticky grenade.
by Topizzlinator January 13, 2016
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