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The village bike. If you were to perform the cunning linguist on this girl, you are more than likely to get a taste of your best mates shlong, as he has just performed the nasty with her in the adjoining room. Most speices of sticky vicky have underwear welded to their crack so much, that you have to coax them off with a can of WD40.
Oh god you didn't, not with sticky vicky! I'd get yourself checked out pronto!
by BAZMEISTER October 12, 2004
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An abomonation of humanity that can be found on the Island of Benidorm, quite often found in the nude Quite possibly what makes or breaks a holiday depending on what floats your boat.
Mummy, what is that stripping mannequin on the stage? It is far too old to be doing that...

I think I just lost my sight in both eyes from watching Sticky Vicky...

I will never get an erection again :(
by Falconarc November 21, 2012
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when you are doin the Fitness Gram Pacer Test and a thot sucks you dick until you die and then gargles the semen, and finally spitting it out onto her tits like a water fountain, making herself sticky like a lolipop under the couch
Did you see what happened in P.E. yesterday?
Yeah, that girl made herself one sticky vicky
by i snort queefs 420 October 04, 2018
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