Somebody who goes out of their way to annoy or get in the way of other people.

Similar words may include: asshole, shit for brains, faggot, moron, shit eating fuck monkey, dipstick.
Person 1: Jim kept interrupting me on purpose last night, he was really starting to rustle my jimmies.

Person 2: Yeah, Jim's a fuckin' stickup.
by Larry is a stickup July 16, 2014
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An erection, without any sexual activity, stimulation, or intention.
I can't believe I am getting a random stickup in the middle of math!
by Laygnaw Manos February 12, 2009
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Jealous person who robs other people for the nice stuff they have.
Some hispanic dude- Man I'm Sick Of These Nice Cars Ridin' By.

Other kid- Yeah Man You Already Know Whats Poppin. Gon' Do What You Gotta Do And Get You Dat Whip(car).

Some hispanic dude- Word. I'm Just a Stickup Kid.
by infamousmsnana August 3, 2006
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