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an excellent way to pass the time at work. meet people, hit them with sticks. can be found at
I didn't get any work done today - I was just stick fighting.
by heff February 24, 2005
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A fighting style used by many cultures as a form of martial arts. The Irish use a form of stick fighting, and I believe thai, Chinese, and Israeli's use some form to name a few groups.
Stick fighting is used around the world.
by David Poole August 01, 2016
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Philipino Martial Arts sport version of sparring. Usually asscoiated with Philipino Integrated Martial Arts. Tournaments are held two times every other year and once in another country on the same year. The later tourney is The world championships wheareas the first two are qualifiers.
by Batosei June 29, 2004
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