STF was started out in the suburbs of the 586 area in Michigan. Then grew and scattered around the 248 and 810 area. This group of friends all consist of the real straight edge lifestyle. they are always there for each other, no matter what, they have have each others backs. they beat you down for smoking or drinking. they don't provoke anything unless you'll give us a reason to. Each of them have our own beliefs, some believe in God, some claim to be God free. they are all about respect, and this is why they all get along, They are always going to be there for one another, forever.
by johnny edge November 02, 2008
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Sorry to flex, gamer
heh whoa..dude whoaa

damn stf, gamer
by big guyver March 29, 2019
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Stf is an abbreviation for β€œstuff” usually used during texting
Dude 1: Hey man, do you have the poster board and other stf for our project?
Dude 2:Yeah! Don’t forget to bring the paint and other art stf.
by _oof_ers November 18, 2018
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STF or (Self Trap Fap) is when regular porn no longer turns you on and you turn yourself into a trap to take photos off and then later use as fap (masturbation) material
Yeah I’m into STF it’s better than a subscription
by damnitsteven April 05, 2019
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Yo meng, why did you buy that bitcoin dawg? Because foo, I wanted to make a STF of money.
by cryptocraycray February 07, 2018
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Swear To Fuck; to be used in place of swear to god - for people who do not believe in god; but believe in fucks.
via giphy
by CardPirate September 07, 2017
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