stephie is someone truly beautiful inside and out. she’ll be there with you every step of the journey and she’ll be there with you through your brightest and darkest moments. when upset, stephie will cheer you up and make you laugh and smile. anyone would be lucky to meet a stephie in their life, and they should never take her for granted.
“who is that? she seems very friendly and laughs frequently.”

oh that’s stephie. go say hi to her !”
by i luv youu April 3, 2018
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A kind, loving girl with an awesome love for everything to do with 🐈. She always smiles and puts up with even the most “hilarious” of her annoying friends terrible jokes. She is like the sea. We throw all we got at it, and yet it still thieves and helps us wherever it can.
Life would be nothing without a few Stephys in it.
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Adj: Shortened version of American girl's name, "Stephanie". A Stephi is extremely smart, very outgoing, and has a TON of friends. A Stephi often growls at these numerous friends, is a total cheesehead, and is most often the cutest kid ever. Not to mention her extraordinary talents in all aspects of the musical world. A Stephi is also usually a goddess of sex and everyone wants her smokin' bod.
Damn, that girl's a Stephi!
by The Instigators August 18, 2011
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A term used to describe a stereotypical party girl.

"We went to the club and there where a bunch of Stephy's there."
"You're acting like a stephy"
by craigisamazingx January 16, 2007
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This name derives from the Ancient Greek name “Stéfanos / Stéphanos (Στέφανος)”, meaning "crown, garland, wreath, honor, reward, any prize or honour", which in turn derives from “stéphō (στέφω)”, meaning “to put round, to surround”. In ancient Greece, a wreath was given to the winner of a contest (from which the crown, symbol of rulers derived). The use of the noun was first recorded in Homer's Iliad. The name is significant to Christians: according to the Book of Acts in the New Testament, Saint Stephen was a deacon who was stoned to death and is regarded as the first Christian martyr. In the United Kingdom, the name Stephen, peaked during the 1950s and 1960s as one of the top ten male first names (ranking third in 1954) but had fallen to twentieth by 1984 and had fallen out of the top one hundred by 2002.

People with the name Stephie desire love & independence. They love art & music. They are generous, kindhearted, humane & philanthropic.
They can be quite ambitious, determined and self-reliant and have a strong unyielding willpower and the courage of their convictions.
New projects, new ideas and the desire for expansion, all alow them to go forth w/ courage , orginality & decisiveness.
Can't get Stephie out of my head .
by rosémæ December 26, 2017
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A term often used to describe a Glasweigan Paramore fan, who often changes their hair colour and doesn't take shit from ANYONE.

Usually great admirers of collar bones.
That Stephy girl used to pure fancy Kate Moss
by Cool kiddo April 29, 2008
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Is a great friend. They will look out for you man, I’m telling ya. They might be quiet at first but went you get to know them you’ll fall in love.
Stephy is great👍
by Sumomyass December 20, 2021
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