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stephie is someone truly beautiful inside and out. she’ll be there with you every step of the journey and she’ll be there with you through your brightest and darkest moments. when upset, stephie will cheer you up and make you laugh and smile. anyone would be lucky to meet a stephie in their life, and they should never take her for granted.
“who is that? she seems very friendly and laughs frequently.”

oh that’s stephie. go say hi to her !”
by i luv youu May 20, 2018
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A stephie is a mammal with short hair that crawls around on all fours most of the time, but has the ability to walk upright for brief moments until it runs into a tree or other debris. They were first discovered in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania. An average stephie's mammary glands are suitable to feed a litter of 12 easily. They are scavengers and depend on other wildlife around the area. The do have a distinct smell similar to raw sewage, mostly because stephies consume the waste of other animals in their surrounding environment.
Guy 1 on hiking trip: "Yo! check out that almost bald creature over there eating that pile of horse crap! what the heck is that thing?"

guy 2: "Oh thats just a stephie. i wouldn't go too close to that, they are thieves and they stink
by dmihalko May 04, 2007
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Stephie is the most beautiful girl in the world jk she just sucks dicks and is an alcoholic
Yo that girl Stephie is hot”
Nah man she’s an alcoholic”
“She’s good at sucking dick tho”
by Hello124574 March 01, 2018
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