To keep a friend informed of vital sports scores/incidents via text messages while they are otherwise engaged. E.g. at a wedding, abroad or on a shopping trip with their partner.

Named for Jeff Stelling, presenter on Sky Sports, who gives out live scores and incidents during Saturday's programme of football.
I'm on the beach in Barbados, can you Stelling me the Liverpool game?
by Realrui April 21, 2008
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This is a pair of boys that use girls. The boys are brothers that are very close in age. One boy trys not to use girls but fails each time. The other does it without thinking of the girls feelings and does'nt care how bad he hurts them. The one that trys not to hurt girls can not hold on to a girlfriend and finds himself stuck on one girl that he is to scared to be with.
Girl:He broke my heart yet again.
Best friend: Thats just the stelling boys.
by Hayden james February 05, 2010
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