stylish, cool, different, WEIRD, dj
that trick was steezy dude
by LADE JONE$ November 12, 2007
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something really really sick and cool
doing a super sick grab wen snowboarding"THAT WAS the most super STEEZY GRAB EVER!"
by trevor342 February 16, 2008
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A Fresh Ass White Kid From Parkrose!
Yung Felony: Ay Look At Steezy Mackin On That Bopper
Deontre: He Got A Big Dick
by Yung Felony The Rapper February 05, 2009
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a adjective reffering to to something that is described in a positive way. It can also be used in a negative way.It is a very versatile word.
Man:"She was being straight-up steezy last nite!"
Woman: "Man what a bitch!"

Woman:"That shirt is so steezy on you!"
Woman:"Thank you!"
by steezy-buttery-gnar-dank-clad September 20, 2009
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it can pretty much meen almost any thing like shadey, cool, dank, wierd. this is a word that you could use almost everywhere. it can also be its own sentence using any of theese meenings
That drug deal was steazy.(shadey)

that fool is steezy believe me.(cool/wierd)

that weed was super steezy.(dank)
by hyptno is steezy August 06, 2006
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a stone, a big bunner, CRACK ROCK, crack-cocaine
Yo i wanna smoke a big steezy

Hey u got any steeze?
by EyeJay-K April 21, 2008
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1. When you do a trick on a skateboard thats buttery.
2. when your so fresh, no one can catch up with you in the "fresh game."
1. Ron Does a Buttery Ass HeelFlip (Realy High And Styeish)
Billy: Dude that Heel Was Steezy!
2. Joe: Dude He's Mad Steezy; NO ONE Can Catch Up With That.
by Drew Is So FANNY March 30, 2009
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