Steezy is our beloved savior, saving the world one beat tape at a time. Steezy can be found hosting the lo-fi hip hop live steam on youtube (STEEZYASFUCK). At this time, it's still unknown as to what Steezy actually is, a bear, a dog, it depends how high you are and how long the beat tape has been playing. Some say Steezy doesn't actually sleep, he catalogs beats and programs commands for nightbot to troll 24/7. Steezy is known to bring good luck and max chill to people of all cultures around the world.
I should get up and have a shower, I've been chillin' to the steezy live stream for days.
by 420bpm November 30, 2018
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stylish, made by snowboarders to express how stylish or nasty a jib or air is.
yo son, that f/s boardslide 270 out was mad steezy. Like i always say be easy, and stay steezy!
by B Kizzle November 05, 2006
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In Youtube: Steezy is a famous, influential youtuber who’s known for his pranks,skits, awkward dares in public and vlogs. He was known formerly for his vines. He also skates and can’t spell “minutes” correctly.

In skateboarding: when someone lands a cool flip smoothly, he’s called steezy (a combination of style and ease)
1) Person1:Hey did you see steezy’s new “falling for girls video”
Person2: yeah, the groud was hurt

2) P1: Did you see that kickflip?
P2: Yeah that was steezy!
by iramx April 18, 2019
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(skiing/snowboarding)a personal style that may cover a broad reigon of the sport such as form, clothes, or tricks. but can cover a broad range of personal styles
may be, but not limited to hanging rag or other piece of cloth hung from back pocket.
'that guy's steezy'
by guff man November 07, 2005
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