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An act committed in conjunction with a vehicle in which an individual obtains an arbitrary cut of meat (preferably with no bones) and proceeds to warm it up to a suitable temperature (preferably 10 to 15 degrees above ambient). The said individual then lines the inner wall of the vehicles exhaust pipe with this warm cut of meat then proceeds to insert fully erect penis (must be fully erect for best results). The individual can then make sweet, sweaty, salty love to the vehicle via exhaust pipe. It helps if the vehicle is parked on an incline (please ensure parking brake is engaged). If this procedure lasts longer than 30 minutes it is recommended to turn on the vehicle to keep the meat warm. For a more advanced technique try steakpiping whilst having a friend rev the engine. Also, dual exhaust allows for more populated steakpiping fun. Try quad exhaust in a party situation only!
My neighbor just recently purchased an Aston Martin. While he was at work yesterday, my buddy and I snuck over, took the keys, and steakpiped the shit out of it!! Today I had to call in sick due to an untimely backfire searing the tip shut.
by zelaznog April 11, 2009
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