adj. The art of vibing out to the max. Being so incredibly awesome it almost hurts. Focusing on the good and trying your best all da tiz-ime. Spreading that positive energy everywhere you go.
I was kicking it gem steady so hard last night that I now have a smile permanently etched into my face. It was awesome and good. I also have a pet sloth. My life is amazing.
by Coach Brit C. March 01, 2012
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To constantly put up a fake appearance to impress or deceive to maintain image.
These niggas be steady frontin when they ain't shit
by frankstillcantthinkofaname October 24, 2010
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Maintaining your hustle. Doing what you have to do to keep your work/personal life balanced while making ends meet. It's not easy, but it's life.
Stay steady grindin', my friends!
by junn1per October 03, 2014
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NOUN, A term used to describe how hard you are chillin. When steady posting one is usually standing with their arms folded and a mad look on their face.

The most common way to leave a steady post would be if the police roll up and one must dip out.
Bryant and his friends are steady posted at Tacobell right now.
by irideabmx November 19, 2009
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A person that you are "going steady" with. It is used for a mutually exclusive and monogamous relationship without the dreaded "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" title.
"I don't want the shitty connotations of the term girlfriend, but you can be my steady buddy!"

"Have you seen John? Hes been hanging out with his steady buddy an awful lot lately."
by ooberhack3r June 07, 2009
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Just Chillin out for awhile, especially when your high
friend: What you up to man?
dude: Not much just got done smokin and we are steady chillin
by Yea325235 May 11, 2011
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a girl that is not girlfriend material yet you are not willing to give her up because she is willing to put out whenever you want.
dude im not going to stop talking to her, she's my steady cooch.
by Juj_8348 May 20, 2010
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