A phrase you would say to toy cunts in Sydney. Works for both urbex and graffiti.
"Woohoo boys i just did novotel!!"
"Stayout fuckin toy"
by EshayAdlayUrbexerLad May 22, 2017
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One who continually parties to all hours of the night only to sleep for 1-2 hours and get up and do it again. Keep in mind having no job or a part time job is a requirement for being a Dirty Stayout. Those who are deemed the title "Dirty Stayout" usually enjoy the title and should request a meeting at degenerates r' us.
Jasmine does not have a job. Jasmine goes out Monday til 5 am comes home sleeps til 4 pm. Gets up Tuesday, goes out til 7am, comes home sleeps til 2pm....and continue the pattern throught the entire work week and weekend.

Jasmine is a dirty stayout, she should stop.
by Brian Picc April 3, 2007
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Its when someone partys forever and never comes home and then goes into work with the same clothes for the whole week.
Nick is a master stayout he came to work with the same clothes on this whole week
by jdeco93 April 10, 2009
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When you have a one night stand at the other perosn's home and spend the night, in the morning you have become a dirty stayout.
"I hooked up with this guy last night and didn't get home until noon today. Damn! I am one dirty stayout!"
by jpsf April 29, 2005
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when a guy lies to multiple girls,usually giving fake names such as "Marccello", then proceding to get caught when his friends call him by his government name. However, the end result is she still fuckin.
Friend: "oh no Kevin's about to pull Tha "Alias" Stayout Maneuver."
Kevin: "Ummmm Hey"
Dumb Bitch: "Like whaaaaat. Whats your name cutey."
Kevin: "Marccello Rigatoni baby"
Dumb Bitch: "Oh so italian, can i ride that braciole...mmmmmm"
by jdeco93 April 10, 2009
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Stayout is designs someone who plays minecraft and wears sombreros.

Synonym of Latenci
« Oh! You're such a stayout! »
by ok boi! December 11, 2017
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