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A combination of stupid and angry. If someone is stangry, they are enraged for no good reason or don't even know why they are agnry, or are angry due to them not being able to understand what's going on.
Rick was really stangry after he played baseball yesterday, he didn't know all the rules and thought everyone else was cheating.
by Mr.Quackers5380 August 27, 2009
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Someone who is stupid, angry and hungry.
She was stangry while roaming around looking for the brunch spot which she swore was only a block away.
by Dwscript June 30, 2018
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Someone who Stays Angry with or without cause.
Rekena is Stangy becuse her boyfriend Adam got moved to nightshift. Adam didn't want to work nights, but for the last six months Rekena has been Stangry.
by EmptyFace. Business Media September 17, 2011
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