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A Catholic K-8 school in Rockville, MD and a lot of... diversity
we have sluts, geniuses, partyers, jocks, fags,
black, white, even Asian!
girls can be gorgeous or just awful and the boys none are that good looking BUT they think the girls are pretty because.of the way they look(boobs and ass not face)

they fap A LOT

Yeah that is the school
oh the education sucks we don't learn anything the teachers sick too
*pretty girl walks in* I go to st. patrick's school
*ugly boy walks in* I.go to st. Patricks
*nerd walks in * I go to st. Patrick's too
*Asian walks in* I go to st. PAtricks
*slug walks in* I go to st. Patrick's u wanna hook up?
by what_up_haters_ December 11, 2013
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