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SS Necro is a special character in the MMORPG game: Guild Wars. Ofen they go farming in UW (underworld) with 55hp monks...

SS stands for Spiteful Spirit.
Here's a little guide for using a SS Necro!


This is a guide for using a Spiteful Spirit necro in the Arenas along with a strategy guide for using the skills.
NOTE: This guide does take a bit of practice but I'll walk you through it. You can also use the Spiteful Spirit necro to practice your recognition skills (being able to recognize the kind of character your enemy is) and your energy and skill management.

Character: N/Me

Weapons: Pvp ROD (not staff) that gives a casting rate increase or a recharge rate increase. Same thing for the offhand.

Armor: If your energy management skills are good go with the necro armor that has increased defense. Otherwise go with the Scar pattern. For the headpiece go with one that increases curses+1. On these pieces put a maj or minor curses, maj or minor blood, and Sup Vigor.

Stats: Put all your points into Blood and Curses. Put the rest into Soul Reaping. Don't say "what about your meeesmer skills".

-Archane Echo (use it to Echo SS)
-Spiteful Spirit (Elite)
-Awaken the blood (Used to give your spiteful spirit and other skills a bit of a kick)
-Mantra of resolve
-Vampiric Gaze
-Shadow Strike
-Weaken or Price of failure
NOTE: If you want to do extra damage to warriors and rangers take price of failure. If you want them to do less damage to other team members take weaken. It's a tradeoff depending on which you prefer. If you trust your monk or yourself to stay alive, take price of failure. If you don't trust yourself or the monk bring weaken.
-Res Sig

-Enemy recognition: Ok it's game time. First i'm going to teach you about enemy recognition. When you first start the match and see your enemy, click on each unit to see what they have. If you know your build you will know which unit is the greatest threat to you. For the SS necro your greatest threat is roughly in this order monk-> ranger/mesmer -> necro -> warrior. However this doesnt mean you should first spam your skills like crazy on the monk then ranger or mesmer then the necro and lastly the warrior. If you know your greatest threat you should avoid taking aggro by these individuals not go all out to kill them. Leave that for the offense builds like warriors, rangers, and ele. You are a support build like a smiting monk or mesmer.

- Build Recognition: Take the first second to observe the enemies behavior. This skill takes time to develop but soon you will be able to see what skills they have without actually having to watch them. For example, if a ranger is doing alot of preperations then they are probably a spiker. If the monk is standing around doing nothing then they are either a smiter or a healer. If they are putting enchants on people then they are bonders. Use these little clues to develop a plan of attack

- Spiteful Spirit Plan of attack: Use awaken the blood. If they have a ranger that you determine to be a trapper use mantra of resolve followed by archane echo then Spiteful Spirit. If they do not have a ranger that is a spiker or interrupt ranger start out with archane echo then use SS on either the ranger or the mesmer. Use the second Spiteful Spirit on the monk if they have one. Your archane echo should still be up for a few seconds. Use the echoed Spiteful Spirit on a warrior.
NOTE: If it is a Warrior/Ranger or a Ranger with a pet you hit the motherload. Use SS on the pet since they cant prevent it from attacking then use SS on the warrior itself. If you did it right you'll see numbers jumping around all over the place if they are bad enough to attack with SS all over them. If they are smart enough not to you'll see them all stop and run around. This is the chance for your team to start attacking them and hopefully taking down 1 target. Keep an eye on your opponent's health, if it gets really low use vampiric gaze as a finishing move.

A more risky strategy is to get aggro on yourself by using shadow strike on the warriors and having them attack you and casting Spiteful Spirit that way and hoping they kill themsevles while trying to kill you. While they are attacking you use Spiteful Spirit then cover it up with weakness or price of failure so they cant clear it off right away. If all the aggro is on one person like a monk you can cast Spiteful on all the warriors to increase their damage. If the enemy is REALLY grouped you can win a match in 5-10 seconds easily.
SS necro: LF 55hp monk to go farming in UW! Only pros!
55hp monk: Hey mate! Im pro! I'll join!
by Regtar Cain May 25, 2006
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