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A combination of squee and w00t, formulated in Harry Potter fandom to express both:

1. Firm agreement


2. Fangirl/fanboy-ish excitement

The difference between "squoot" and the more commonly used "w00t" is in its element of fangirl/boy-ishness. Thus, it should be used mostly in a fandom context.

Squoot: when squee is too wimpy and w00t just doesn't cut it.
gunsnhandcuffs4ever: I heard Cassandra Claire just finished Draco Veritas!

malfoyluvr: omg, I can't wait to read it! SQUOOT!
by lisliasm January 26, 2006
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is a combination of a girls squirt and a man or female's poop from their butt-hole.
I really enjoyed stiring the squoot around in my butt-hole.
by Holyheysus October 25, 2011
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