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something which does not exist. As the waste travels down the large intestine, it comes to it's end where magic causes it to dissappear. While many simply belive that after this stage it no longer exists, many scientists belive that it could actually be teleported to another dimention, or something even further beyond our comprehention.
Johnny never saw squirrel poop in his life.
by Not yourename January 12, 2006
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The mystery of the final destination of squirrel poop has been solved. Everyone has seen those cute little squirrels sitting up on their haunches nibbling on some little nugget of unspecified food source. The ravenous squirrel is actually eating his own poop. The lifespan of squirrel poop is very short. (probably about 3-5 seconds from butthole to squirrel mouth)
I'm not really sure, but I think that squirrel just ate his own squirrel poop!

by urban surgeon April 03, 2007
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