Spyware is installed without your knowing. It is able to change your homepage, give you massive porno ads, change your WALLPAPER (I know a friend that it happened to) and slow down your computer. Get rid of it using ad-aware. Also see saten, evil, geeks malware and adware
Would you like to subscribe to a free hentai E-Zine?

-Spyware popup
by Jim June 21, 2004
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"i maybe a 37 year old virgin still living with my parents but at least i can cripple peoples computers with spyware!"
by hard_disco_attic June 24, 2007
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The reason why everyone should switch to Linux.
Windows User - "Ack, damn spyware, 1000 new traces every day"
Linux User - "Hehe, have fun wasting 20 minutes on a scan that will probably freeze halfway through on your shitty OS"
by Oiad! November 18, 2004
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A fucking retarded program thats meant to steal PERSONAL information,fuck with you every single time you get on the Computer,and overall pisses you off.Its often developed by fat,low-lifed cunts who deserve to be beat over the head until they get a cold chill,then blackout and die.
by fsdfsv May 19, 2011
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Spyware's definition has recently been added on with privacy-invading software - of which are called "parental controls".
Spyware invades your privacy, like this shit: SearchHelp.com.
by stevenbao July 27, 2006
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A Program that is created to steal personal information that is on your computer. Spyware is also used for advertising (Pop-Ups). The Best Adware/spyware Remover is "Ad-Aware" Its Free And you can get it from Download.com
Some BullShit Spyware Stole My credit card Info.
by ! JAY ! ( XBORNKILLA2K4 ) January 30, 2005
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