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Spyspacing can refer to the reading of other peoples myspace comments, bulletins etc that are not necassarily intended for the spyspacer. This may be to gain information on a particular persons whereabouts so a seemingly coincedential meeting can be arranged..
possibly to beat the sh*t out of that person....
or so you can follow pretty girls.;-)
man: but..but.. how did you know i was here?
spyspacer: i spyspaced yo punk ass

friend: doing a bit of spyspacing i see.
spyspacer: aye.
by billcarr November 07, 2006
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Verb - Using Myspace or other Social Sites as a form of spying on other users personal lives.
Yesterday, Jessica was spyspacing on Alex on Myspace.
by Ike_B June 17, 2008
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the act of using myspace as a tool to spy on those who you really dont like but you friend requested so that you can observe their every move.
tiff: liz, are you spyspacing??
liz: you know it! and that one bitch that's friends with that one guy is my ex's friend's sister!!!!
by 2-9043852039485023 October 29, 2006
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the act of going on and spying on the guys or girls that you are dating. spyspacing allows you to see if you are being spaceplayed.
Rachel: I am totally spyspacing that guy with my fake myspace profile
Monica: Oh! Spyspacing is fun when you can't get caught!
Rachel: Yeh, I am reading this girls comments about Saturday nite and how much fun they had!
Monica: Didn't he say he was sick and that's why he canceled your date?
Rachel: I think I am getting spaceplayed!
by Sessa Bellz September 26, 2007
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