A beer guzzlin, bacon frying, big dick swingin bad ass motherfucker. Someone you really want to have on your side when shit hits the fan. Someone you'd let nail your old lady just for the story. A man that makes Chuck Norris tremble just hearing his name. Someone that seeps testosterone out of every pore of his body. Spurgeon, the man of all men.
by Hoss420 November 13, 2013
The word for when a man ejaculates and vomits simultaneously.
"I was just so drunk when she was sucking me off, when I finally came I spurgeoned everywhere."
by Free Jinger November 15, 2015
To judge a person biased on hearsay or rumor.

To cast judgement.
Amanda is casting Spurgeon’s on me and I didn’t even sleep with her friend.
by Spurg1988 July 3, 2018
Prince. Of Royal Lineage. Bold, Creative and Resilient.

An advocate for the oppressed and fighter for all things good. A true lover, kind and altruistic in nature. Yet, the nicest person you do not want to mess with. Heart of a lion and mind full of wisdom.
When in the heat of it all, channel your inner Spurgeon.
by Honest_truthist November 23, 2021