Australian, pronounced 'sprook'

Using the human voice to promote an idea, goods or services to another person. Commonly refers to addressing members of the public to encourage them to enter premises, purchase goods or both.
OMG, why have you spent all your money on that shitty dress?

The guy outside the store was spruiking them.
by btc6000 March 22, 2013
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to harangue or address a meeting or potential customers to entice them into a premises.
The shoe store employed a spruiker during their annual sale.
by wings July 2, 2005
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v. Repetitive promoting of an achievement or occurance to the point of nausea and disinterest, particularly by a Government.

n. Such an action that causes embarassment when said "achievement" or occurance does not eventuate.
v. The Weatherill Government over-spruiked the Olympic Dam expansion and are now paying the price politically.

n. The guarantee of future manufacturing jobs at Holden's Elizabeth plant was a clear over-spruik by the Government.
by Sickofthebulldust May 20, 2013
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