Originally from Houston, Texas, (most notably DJ Screw, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, etc.) a term meant to describe the mixture of perscription cough syrup (Promethazine, Cough Syrup w/ Hydro codone (although thats red), cough syrup w/ codine) with Sprite and a jolly rancher or other hard candy at the bottom. This is also referred to as Purple drank, barr, syrup, oil,lean, screw, drank, etc.
- Hey friend, what have you been drinking on? What is in your white cup?

- Come here and I'll show you how to make that Sprite Remix friend.
by ShankSF January 18, 2008
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A toxic/acidic substance bottled in corrode-proof plastic, not to be confused with Pepsi Blue.
I almost died ingesting this crap.
by He who likes Bukkake March 03, 2005
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